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Power Shift

The Power Shift conference helps to increase awareness and action by college students on climate change issues.

The 2011 Power Shift site allows one member from an organization to purchase a coupon code that can be redeemed for conference registration by other organization members. The site also features a customized conference registration workflow that minimizes the fields present on the user registration form, while making sure mandatory conference information fields (like emergency contact information) are filled out durring registration.

Built by Advomatic with GVS, the site has resulted in ongoing code contributions back to COD through enhancements to uc_signup, including a registration process that is more customizable through configuration, as well as enhancements to the uc_coupon module.

Site built by: 
Advomatic and GVS
COD version: 
Alpha 3 (6.x-1.0-alpha3)
Attendee count: 

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