Roadmap: where is COD headed?

We have lots of ideas for COD, and hear more great ideas all the time. There is already a long list of COD feature requests. Review the list, or add your own.

Drupal 6.x roadmap

  • Default base theme
  • Session surveys
  • Better default display of home page and sponsors page using Panels
  • Incorporate improvements to COD module dependencies that were funded by other COD-based projects
  • BoF (or self-scheduled) sessions feature (used at DrupalCon Chicago)
  • Better support for free events

Drupal 7.x roadmap

We are excited to begin working with Drupal 7. However, COD relies on a wide variety of modules that currently do not support Drupal 7. Once those modules have Drupal 7 versions, we can begin the work of upgrading COD to Drupal 7. We expect to release our first Drupal 7 development version of COD in mid-2011. In particular we need Signup, Commerce, and Features/exportbles to work well for Drupal 7 before this can be upgraded.

Planning enhancements for the Drupal 7 version of COD:
* Default base theme
* More use of Panels
* Integration with Drupal Commerce for all registrations/transactions (related: allow users to transfer registrations, and allow refunds)
* Richer social features to allow attendees to network prior to the conference

Other assorted ideas

  • Onboarding and contextually relevant calls to action for attendees
  • Organizer dashboard
  • Support for multiple events on a site
  • Selling access to the embedded videos
  • Automate attendee checkins
  • Subscribe to sessions submission to a particular tag/track?
  • Session surveys via sms (twilio)
  • Provide responses to questions like "Next sessions" via sms
  • Provide rich(er) profiles and easy tools to navigate profiles and contact people for pre-event networking
  • Enable working groups to create and manage their own discussion area for pre-conference and post-conference discussion (i.e. OG)
  • Profile pages with links to relevant content (sponsor affiliation, presentations proposed by the individual, presentations where the person is a speaker)
  • Reporting tools
  • Functionality to match freelancers and job seekers and hiring companies before and during the conference
  • Show attendee origin maps, distance traveled
  • Make it easier to switch between modes of the event, e.g. one click to ends session submission and simultaneously enable session voting (by changing user permissions)
  • Make it easier to offer earlybird pricing
  • Stuff with QR codes

If you'd like to sponsor a COD feature, please contact a COD service provider or, if you're a developer, see the list of suggested COD sprint issues.