COD Sprint update from DrupalCon Denver

As part of the DrupalCon Denver Distributions Sprint, several people got together to help update COD to Drupal 7. The process for updating COD to Drupal 7 is multifaceted and requires a range of expertise to complete. Luckily, we had an amazing turnout of skilled people at the code sprint. We even started one of the hardest parts of the upgrade process: evaluating architecture for the event/attendee management system in Drupal 7!

As a result, I can confidently say that this was the most productive COD sprint we've ever had!

Below is a list of sprinters and the issues they pushed forward during the sprint. Each issue title links to the relevant issue so that you can help further progress by participating in issues that need review :).

Thanks again to everyone who attended - It's great to have such strong community support for COD!

Of course, we won't be waiting for the next DrupalCon to have our next COD sprint. Be sure to watch the COD group on for news about the next in-person and/or virtual sprint!

COD Sprinters Kaleem Clarkson and Andrew Root
COD Sprinters Kaleem Clarkson and Andrew Root

COD Sprinters at DrupalCon Denver 2012:

Also, while not present for the sprint, a huge thanks also to gnuget (David Valdez). The week before the sprint, I put out a call for help with some remaining COD theme issues and gnuget responded overnight, filing patches that fixed the issues!

Sprint issues:

Update COD Community feature:

  • druroot
  • oadaeh
  • senpai

Update cod_sponsors feature

  • oadaeh

Evaluate Registration module:

  • ezra-g
  • japerry
  • jpontani
  • kclarkson
  • mrshaver

Update Views send to D7 (,,

  • christianchristensen
  • jalma

Contribute back custom features to COD

  • coltrane

COD Drush make file enhancements issue 1 and issue 2

  • jalma
  • HeathN
  • chrisgross

Base theme selection discussion

  • ay13
  • chriswgross
  • mrshaver
  • rupl


What's the latest estimation on a Drupal 7 release of COD? ir is there a roadmap of what work needs to be done to get there?

I just installed COD beta 2. Is it safe to update all the contrib modules, or have they been customized such that this isn't the case? This is for a production site.

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