COD 2012 Update: New co-maintainer, Drupal 7 & Acquia

With several flagship conference sites in a range of industries and amazing list of features added to COD 6.x, 2011 was an amazing year for COD.

As we begin 2012, it’s time to provide an update on what’s new with COD and what you can expect to see coming up.

New sites in showcase:

We’ve seen COD continue to gain popularity with a range of conference sites in various industries. Be sure to check the site showcase as we update it frequently. If you’ve deployed a COD site, please submit it to the COD showcase so that you can show it off and receive credit!

New co-maintainer

Following great work in the issue queue reviewing and re-rolling patches to COD’s feature modules, Chris Ruppel of Four Kitchens has agreed to join the project as a co-maintainer, focusing on the feature modules and mobile strategy for the Drupal 7 theme. Chris brings a solid record of contribution to the community including projects like Modernizr and Responder and a strong command on state-of-the art strategies for mobile friendly applications and websites that will serve COD well.

Chris joins Ben Jeavons and myself (Ezra Gildesgame) and broadens COD’s maintainership to three individuals and two companies (Acquia and Four Kitchens). Of course, there are plenty of other folks helping to push COD forward in the issue queue (many listed below), and we’re grateful for their help as well.

Update on COD & Acquia

Last summer, Acquia acquired GVS and the branding assets to COD. Since that time, there’s been an internal ramp-up at Acquia to train the team to help companies get up-to-speed on COD and handle COD inquiries for assignment to Acquia partners.

During that time my main priority was the Commons distribution of Drupal. I am excited about the things I’ve learned from working on both projects and look forward to cross-pollination between Commons and COD, as well as potentially other distributions.

One side-effect of that transition period was that I had less time to be active in the queue and helping to review and write patches that push COD forward. Starting in 2012, I will be able to focus more of my time on COD as part of my larger role working on distributions at Acquia.

My current focus for COD is on reviewing existing patches in the issue queue and integrating the 3 COD-related projects into a single project to make working on COD easier for everyone involved.

Distribution Code Sprints & Summit

2012 kicks off with several great events related to COD! On January 25th in sunny San Diego the first Distribution Summit will be taking place as part of SandCamp 2011. With business and technical leads from the several leading distributions, it’s sure to be a great conversation on this increasingly exciting topic!

Distributions represented so far include:

Open Atrium
Open Enterprise
Open Public
Open Publish

Following the summit, you can sprint on distributions at the SandCamp code sprint.

In March, as part of DrupalCon Denver, there will be a distribution code sprint where distribution contributors can collaborate in person to move the projects forward. Sign up now to participate!

Current status of COD update to Drupal 7 and how you can help

A common question we hear about COD is “What’s the status of the COD release on Drupal 7?”

Updating COD to Drupal 7 falls broadly into 4 areas of work (ranging from simplest to most difficult). Below is an overview of those categories and information on how you can help to effect progress. Of course, one of the best way to make sure that this work happens is to have it happen as part of a project. If you have a project that might be a good fit for COD, contact Acquia so we can work with a partner to build your site and contribute the resulting code to the community.

1) Update the core feature modules

The core COD feature modules are where basic Views, content types, and some glue code are stored. These are the scaffolding of COD that is fleshed out by functionality in the other areas listed below.

Already, we’ve seen some great progress in this area, and these modules are roughly 60% updated, with the e-commerce and some other functionality remaining. Thanks to Jerad Bitner, Chris Ruppel, Andrew Root, folks from San Diego, SandCamp and LA sprints for your work here!

How to help: Review and roll patches against COD feature modules in the issue queue.

2) Provide a Signup module equivalent for Drupal 7 to power attendee management

At the heart of the attendee management functionality in COD for Drupal 6 is the Signup module, which is currently the most popular attendee management module for Drupal.

Managing lists of attendees, enforcing attendee limits and almost any attendee-related action that’s possible for event organizers and attendees is powered by the Signup module. Not surprisingly, this is where the COD update starts to get more complex :):

As early as DrupalCon Paris Katherine Senzee, David Rothstein and Jody Hamilton started a “straight port” of the Signup module from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.
A “straight port” has the benefits of being simpler to implement and is therefore usually the fastest path to a new release that’s compatible with the latest version of Drupal core.

However it’s become clear that there is strong community interest in a more versatile Signup solution for Drupal 7 that takes full advantage of the flexibility provided by Drupal Commerce’s Drupal 7 entity-based approach. One possible solution here is to extend the Registration module, in development by Think Shout, which provides a more limited set of functionality but has the advantage of using an entity-based architecture.

Related to this work, Joseph Pontani has several sandboxes where he is experimenting with entity-based signup solutions with Drupal Commerce in mind.

How to help: Test the Registration project and see 1) how the functionality that it provides compares to what’s possible with Signup and 2) what’s necessary for compatibility with Drupal Commerce as listed in the COD update wiki.

3) Porting the registration workflow (UC_Signup) and other e-commerce components to Commerce and Drupal 7

One of COD’s key features for event sites is it’s easy-to-use paid registration workflow which integrates Ubercart and the Signup module. For a Drupal 7 version of COD, an equivalent module needs to be written that provides this functionality with Drupal Commerce and the module written/extended in #2.

How to help: The main action item for a Drupal 7 uc_signup equivalent module is to help with the reviews in #2, keeping in mind the functionality that’s necessary for the registration workflow and paid attendee management. Once the Signup-equivalent module is developed further, work on a Commerce_signup equivalent can take full speed.

4) Other dependencies

There are a few areas of functionality in the Drupal 6 version of COD that have their own dependencies.

Bulk emailing speakers:
Another great feature in COD is the moderation workflow and ability for session organisers to email groups of speakers as their sessions move through the moderation process ( This functionality is largely powered by the Views send module in Drupal 6. A D7 update to Views send has largely stalled in the issue queue, but thanks to a patch by hansfn and bpeter and some work by Ben Jeavons for the DrupalCon Denver site, a rough development version is in place and ready for your warm patches!

How to help updating Views send: Copy the Github Sandbox to and continue work.

Selling sponsorship products:

COD 6.x ships with the ability to collect sponsor information and payment through the conference website. In other words, it prints money! At the heart of the cod_sponsor_sales feature is the UC_Node_Checkout module.

How to help port COD_Sponsor_sales:
For COD in Drupal 7, this needs to be updated to work with a Drupal Commerce equivalent, such as

For the very latest status, check the updating COD to D7 wiki and the issue queue and the COD group on

Of course, COD for Drupal 6 is still a feature-rich tool for conference sites that’s ready for use today.

I am excited about Acquia’s interest in COD, and look forward to another year of great conference websites!


I'm a partner at ThinkShout and the lead developer of the Entity Registrations module Ezra mentioned. I just wanted to add that we're making a big development push on the module this month, adding the ability to create different types of registration bundles and associating them with any entity type rather than just nodes. The first part is already complete and will be pushed to d.o. soon. We're looking forward to working with the community to help improve COD anyway we can so head on over the issue queue with any feedback, suggestions, etc.

Chris Ruppel is a huge asset. This is great news for COD. Congrats!

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