UseCOD news for August 2011

Hello, with the news that GVS and UseCOD were purchased by Acquia ( post) you may be wondering what this means for the COD project.

The immediate answer is it's that at least Ezra plans to continue working on COD as part of his "gardening" (community) time at Acquia.

Some relevant details and likely scenarios:

  • For the last year the former GVS team (especially Ezra) was focusing on projects that involved COD. We will now be focusing on things other than COD, though Ezra will be working on Commons which relies on many of the same tools that COD needs so he will still be working on things like Features and Drush make that will benefit COD.
  • Acquia has some ways that COD could become a bigger part of their service offering though there are no specific plans now. If and when that happens there could be an increase in time spent on COD beyond what there has been in the last year.
  • In the last 9 months the folks at Advomatic and Four Kitchens have been doing work with COD for clients or personal needs. We are very happy to see other companies working with COD and if you need help building a COD site we suggest you contact the list of COD Support providers.
  • In the last year we've seen an explosion of Drupalcamp sites running COD. This has been amazing and we're hopeful that those adoptions will lead to more adoptions of COD in ways that mean the reduced involvement of the GVS team won't be a huge impact.
  • Thanks to Jerad Bitner, some San Diego sprinters and some GVS folks, there is a Drupal 7 development version - it doesn't do everything the Drupal 6 version does, but is rapidly progressing in large part because the Drupalcon Denver site is on Drupal 7

So, the future of COD is strong even if it's not super clear. Becoming a "COD expert" right now and working to promote the platform would be a great career path for a freelancer or business who is looking for ways to expand their service offering.


Not able to locate the Drupal 7.x version of COD download on this website; could you please help?

The Drupal 7 version is still in development. This blog post explains a bit about the status:
You could download the development version from, but it's not ready, and seeks the community's help to keep it moving forward.

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