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Posted Mar 27 2012 by ezra

As part of the DrupalCon Denver Distributions Sprint, several people got together to help update COD to Drupal 7. The process for updating COD to Drupal 7 is multifaceted and requires a range of expertise to complete. Luckily, we had an amazing turnout of skilled people at the code sprint. We even started one of the hardest parts of the upgrade process: evaluating architecture for the event/attendee management system in Drupal 7!

Posted Jan 03 2012 by ezra

With several flagship conference sites in a range of industries and amazing list of features added to COD 6.x, 2011 was an amazing year for COD.

As we begin 2012, it’s time to provide an update on what’s new with COD and what you can expect to see coming up.

Posted Aug 16 2011 by greggles

Hello, with the news that GVS and UseCOD were purchased by Acquia ( post) you may be wondering what this means for the COD project.

The immediate answer is it's that at least Ezra plans to continue working on COD as part of his "gardening" (community) time at Acquia.

Some relevant details and likely scenarios:

Posted Aug 12 2011 by ezra

Following the extensively feature-packed release of COD Beta1, we are happy to present the more aesthetically pleasing COD Beta2.

Posted Aug 02 2011 by Ben Jeavons

Conference attendees need to have quick and easy access to their conference's schedule of sessions and activities. Printed schedules are still popular, but at many tech events it's common for there to be 2.5 wifi-enabled devices per attendee, such as a laptop, a phone, and tablet.

Therefore, it is a huge service to provide your event's content to mobile devices in an easily consumable way. During the event, the schedule, speaker bios and other details need to be quickly available and easily digestible, with current and upcoming information most prominent.

Posted Jul 13 2011 by ezra

We are excited to announce the first beta release of COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution.

COD Beta1 is packed to the gills with great features that make managing and attending a conference easier for organizers and attendees.

New features include automated sponsorship sales, a more flexible event schedule, and various enhancements to the registration workflow.

You can download COD today.

Posted Jun 28 2011 by greggles

Back in February of this year Scott Berkun unleashed on conference organizers an open letter giving them some great tips about how to create an environment that would make speakers more successful.

He just followed up with an Open Letter to Conference Speakers which is enormously valuable. If I had to summarize it in two concepts, they would be: practice and be humble.

Posted Jun 03 2011 by ezra

In this week's Drupal Easy podcast, Barry Madore of Advantage Labs shared his experience using COD for the DrupalCamp Twin Cities website:

COD's integration of Ubercart worked wonders for us.

Posted May 08 2011 by sirkitree

As recently posted, the San Diego Drupal user group recently put together a sprint to get COD upgraded to Drupal 7. Here is an account of what went on and what we accomplished.

Posted May 06 2011 by Ben Jeavons

On Saturday May 7th, the San Diego Drupal user group will hold a local sprint to port COD to Drupal 7. The sprint is sponsored by Transparatech and Kohwork'n and will be attended in person by Joel Ferris, Andrew Root, and many members of the local community, in addition to Jerad Bitner from Colorado, whose attendance is sponsored by Lullabot.

Posted Apr 17 2011 by Ben Jeavons

Sheena Donnelly from Top Notch Themes posted a good one-question survey: How you did, or plan to, theme your COD site on

Help shape the default theme in COD!

Posted Apr 06 2011 by ezra

Dave Terry from Drupal development shop Mediacurrent spoke to GVS about Mediacurrent's latest COD site implementation for the Pegaworld 2011 conference.

Thanks, Dave and Mediacurrent for sharing your experience with everyone!

GVS: Can you tell us a little background about MediaCurrent, Pega, and the
Pegaworld event?

Posted Mar 25 2011 by lisarex

As we think deeper about COD's features, visual design and UX, we can't help but notice what makes a good conference/event site.

All of these sites could be built with COD, but are all non-Drupal examples. It's important to look further afield for learning and inspiration.

Posted Mar 14 2011 by ezra

Below is the video from the DrupalCon Chicago presentation on COD, with Ezra Gildesgame, Ben Jeavons and Lisa Rex. You can also view the slides on Google Docs.

Thanks to everyone for the great questions at the end of the session. We also had a great time at the birds of a feather (BoF) session. If you were there, add your name to the wiki of folks who attended.

Posted Feb 04 2011 by greggles

Curious about COD? Ezra and I spent some time with Steve Edwards talking on the Acquia podcast about COD and what's going on with COD right now.

Listen to the podcast on Acquia's site or download the mp3 directly.

Thanks, Steve and Acquia!

Posted Jan 28 2011 by ezra

We are pleased to announce the Alpha 3 version of COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution, was released on 27, January 2011 and is available for download.

Notable improvements include:

Posted Jan 20 2011 by ezra

Join us for the next free COD Support hour on IRC in #drupal-cod ! Learn about Drupal's Conference Organizing Distribution, ask questions and provide feedback to other folks using and helping to build COD!

That's Thursday, 20 Jan at 11am ET.

Posted Nov 15 2010 by greggles

Another great milestone in the life of COD, it's now live on the Chicago DrupalCon site.

The GVS team was responsible for development of the site and did a writeup about the site launch, and what it means for COD.

In particular, we discussed

  • the improved login/registration with improvements to the Bakery module.
  • How profile fields now synch across sites.
  • Using RegOnline to handle registration
Posted Nov 13 2010 by greggles

The Drupalcamp Atlanta website uses many of the COD features

In their opening remarks video Dave Terry mentioned COD:

We really tried to upgrade the website considerably. There's been a big movement in the Drupal community with something called COD, Conference Organizing Distribution. And Brent Ratliff deserves a lot of credit for his work with that. I think for those who attended last year I think you noticed a big upgrade in the website.

Posted Nov 05 2010 by ezra

Ezra made a presentation at the New York City Drupal meetup on 3, November, 2010 following the COD Alpha2 release. Thanks to Forest Mars for the video!

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