Download COD

Create a fully-featured Drupal-based conference or event site with COD in much less time than it would take to build from scratch.

Download the complete COD 7 Beta package as a tar.gz from This includes Drupal 7 core, contributed modules, COD Features, COD-specific configuration and the COD Theme. Beta1 was released on 5 June, 2014.

Need help?

Developers or site builder looking for a drush make / Git based method? See other methods of downloading COD.

Open source license

It's open source and it's free to download and use as you wish.

Note that the package as a whole is licensed GPL version 2 and later. It's distributed here because packages on are not yet allowed to include third party libraries (see this issue for details or to start working on it) or patches.

Previous versions of COD

COD 6.x-1.0