COD's focus: single event websites

COD makes some assumptions about the majority of events that can benefit from using COD. We are focusing on a select set of features and default settings that will benefit the greatest number of users and events.

COD is focused on single event/conference sites. It's not that COD can't be flexible, it's just that we won't be including every option in COD, for now.

If your event is different and you have specific needs, you will probably spend some time tweaking COD. Our belief is that it's easier to modify COD than build a whole site from scratch, but that may not always be the case.

Is COD Right For Your Event?

  • If you are organizing a half day seminar or social event, COD may be overkill. EventBrite or Meetup may suit your needs.
  • If you are organizing a pure Unconference or Open Space Technology meeting, where the sessions are
    not going to be determined until the event starts, COD may still be a good solution. While you won’t use the session features, you can still use the sponsorship and attendee features, as well as the community features that encourage starting the dialog on topics in advance of the event.
  • If you are organizing a large conference, COD currently lacks integration for a large exhibition area, with traditional booths, but feel free to contact us.
  • At the current time, COD is designed to support a single conference. If you are organizing multiple conferences per year, and want to use a single database for users, roles, and events, an alternative that COD can support would be to use a COD installation with Drupal’s multi-site support or using Organic Groups.