COD Sprint update from DrupalCon Denver

As part of the DrupalCon Denver Distributions Sprint, several people got together to help update COD to Drupal 7. The process for updating COD to Drupal 7 is multifaceted and requires a range of expertise to complete. Luckily, we had an amazing turnout of skilled people at the code sprint. We even started one of the hardest parts of the upgrade process: evaluating architecture for the event/attendee management system in Drupal 7!

Upgrading COD to Drupal 7: Sprint 1 - San Diego

As recently posted, the San Diego Drupal user group recently put together a sprint to get COD upgraded to Drupal 7. Here is an account of what went on and what we accomplished.

San Diego Drupal user group porting COD to Drupal 7

On Saturday May 7th, the San Diego Drupal user group will hold a local sprint to port COD to Drupal 7. The sprint is sponsored by Transparatech and Kohwork'n and will be attended in person by Joel Ferris, Andrew Root, and many members of the local community, in addition to Jerad Bitner from Colorado, whose attendance is sponsored by Lullabot.

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