Advice for Conferences: Organizers and Speakers

Back in February of this year Scott Berkun unleashed on conference organizers an open letter giving them some great tips about how to create an environment that would make speakers more successful.

He just followed up with an Open Letter to Conference Speakers which is enormously valuable. If I had to summarize it in two concepts, they would be: practice and be humble.

Mediacurrent discusses using COD for the Pegaworld 2011 conference

Dave Terry from Drupal development shop Mediacurrent spoke to GVS about Mediacurrent's latest COD site implementation for the Pegaworld 2011 conference.

Thanks, Dave and Mediacurrent for sharing your experience with everyone!

GVS: Can you tell us a little background about MediaCurrent, Pega, and the
Pegaworld event?

Well-designed conference and event sites

As we think deeper about COD's features, visual design and UX, we can't help but notice what makes a good conference/event site.

All of these sites could be built with COD, but are all non-Drupal examples. It's important to look further afield for learning and inspiration.

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